Female Pattern Hair Loss

Scalp Micropigmentation for Female Pattern Hair Loss

The impact of hair loss on women is often greater than on men, since it is less socially acceptable for women to lose their hair.

Female hair loss can be very distressing

In women, hair loss is defined as an unexpected, heavy loss of hair. In general, humans shed 50 to 100 hairs per day. There is a natural balance between hair growth and shedding.

Women suffer from female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Unlike male pattern baldness, women’s hair can fall out in a different pattern than men’s.

It’s an understandable feeling – nobody wants to lose their hair, and the stigma around the onset is daunting. People tend to associate a lot of negative attributes with hair loss like old age and disease – despite how many more factors play into the issue. When hair starts coming out in the shower, in a hairbrush, or onto the pillow, the mental toll can be intense.

It’s not uncommon to develop low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and even reclusion from friends/family. What’s worse is that many people refuse to seek help when they notice the problem – deeming it unnecessary or vain.

Causes of Female Pattern Hair Loss

Generally, the average woman loses about 50-100 hairs a day naturally. That amount’s very normal and a part of your body’s upkeep. Losing more than that means that your body can’t replace the hair it’s losing fast enough. Luckily, many cases are temporary and reversible, but this isn’t always the case. Your health, age, diet, and current medications all have an impact on the matter. Genetic hair loss is the biggest causes of permanent hair loss, and as the name implies is carried down through generations.

How SMP Can Help with Female Pattern Hair Loss

SMP is an ideal treatment for women experiencing any degree of hair loss. Many women can take advantage of Scalp Micropigmentation to cover the natural separations associated with thinning hair, creating a healthy full head of hair.

Scalp micropigmentation is the perfect cosmetic hair loss solution for women thinning on or across the crown section of the head. We have worked on and successfully treated many females suffering from Alopecia.

Scalp Micropigmentation is just like Regular Tattooing, but Better

The SMP procedure is generally painless (depending on your resistance). If you’ve tried acupuncture or dry needling before, then the initial discomfort is similar, but not as painful as regular tattooing on other parts of the skin.

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