Scars Due to Injuries or Hair Transplants

SMP for Scars due to Injuries or Hair Transplants

People have tried for many years to hide scars with tattoo. We have done laser corrective work on men who sought scar coverage from traditional tattoo artists as far back as the 80’s and 90’s–long before the birth of advanced Scalp MicroPigmentation.

Why are scars so difficult to conceal?

Whether on a scalp, or in a torn rotator cuff, scar tissue is a patch. The body’s ability to form scars is a miraculous survival technique.

Scar tissue is amazing, but limiting. Performing Scalp Micropigmentation to camouflage scars requires highly specialized skill and experience; it is not instinctive to even experienced practitioners who lack the specific expertise required

And, consider this: while a long and linear scar left on the back of the scalp is obviously scar tissue, what is less obvious is the scar tissue caused by the thousands of micro-incisions on the transplanted area. The donor site forms scar tissue—but so does the recipient site, an oft-overlooked factor that adds complexity to the scar concealment procedure.

Research Is Key

We are committed to service and standards. We use only industry-leading machines, the best needles and pigments and have received the best education available. We offer highly advanced knowledge of how color behaves in the skin, advanced paramedical tattooing techniques, and the finer complexities of head scar camouflage.

How SMP Can Help with Scars

Scalp micropigmentation uses hundreds of tiny pigment deposits to blend scar tissue with the surrounding hair and skin, making the scars much less visible. Most of our clients choose to shave their heads at this stage, although this is not strictly necessary in all cases, so if you wish to keep your hair at a longer length, you may be able to do so.

Our results are not only better than most clinics, we also understand why our results are better, and how to correct a treatment if the outcome isn’t immediately perfect. This depth of knowledge is crucial for effective long term scar camouflage.

Hair Transplant Scars

Scalp micropigmentation was originally developed as a technique to hide scars from hair transplant surgery and head trauma. As our understanding of SMP has evolved, so too have the incredible results we are able to achieve for the concealment of all kinds of scars. Today, the most common requests are for the concealment of FUT and FUE hair transplant scars.

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