Poor Results from Hair Transplants

Scalp Micropigmentation for Poor Results from Hair Transplants

According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) practice census, of men who’ve had hair transplants, 64% were disappointed with their hair density after their procedure.

Transplants are commonly known as hair plugs

FUE/FUT hair transplant are commonly known as hair plugs and requires the transplant to be done by way of surgery.

FUE is where the hairs from the back of the head are individually harvested and individually planted into scalp. FUE is effective for small areas and leaves less noticeable scattered scarring.

FUT hair transplants is when a strip of skin is cut from the back of the head and grafts are removed from the skin and the wound is soldered close and the grafts are planted onto the scalp. This will leave a very large scar on the back of the head.

Hair transplantation may appear to be the best solution for people losing their hair. To many others, it brings to mind images of unattractive hair plugs. To many men who have gone through hair transplants are left with disappointment and frustration. Why? By not achieving the results they wanted, expensive repeat sessions, and continued loss of hair that they invested so much money to have implanted.

Limitations of Hair Transplants

Limited amount of hairs genetically resistant to hair loss in the donor area. Particular to follicular unit extraction (FUE) surgery, donor hairs can be taken from outside the genetically resistant area which will continue to thin and eventually be lost. Large bald areas that patients desire to have covered cannot be transplanted to full coverage. Insufficient density of transplanted hair. The need for repeat hair transplants due to continued hair loss (Hair transplant does not stop hair thinning).

How SMP Can Help Fix Botched Hair Transplants

By implanting organic black ink into the scalp, SMP helps to create the impression of natural hair follicles. SMP Results can last as much as 3-5 years before requiring a touch-up. It is a fairly painless procedure and produces a natural-looking result that will restore lost confidence.

For surgical scar cases, it helps even out the appearance of hair follicles at the back of the head for anyone who prefers a shorter cut. For those that maintain longer hair, SMP provides density cover. This means the bareness of the scar is covered up, helping to conceal evidence that the person had any procedure done. The same effect is provided whether the person underwent FUT or FUE.

Scar tissue can be quite thick and not react to pigments as normal scalp would. For normal treatments, clients can expect to undergo 3-4 sessions of 1-4 hours each. For surgical scar cases, additional sessions may be required as we check on how well the area has taken to the treatment.

FUE Hair Transplant SMP Treatment
FUT Hair Transplant SMP Treatment

It's Not Just the Scar that Will be Worked On

The areas on either side will also have some SMP work done so that a blended natural look can be achieved. Note that the FUT/FUE scar cover with SMP can only done at least 8-12 months after the surgery to ensure that the wounds are completely healed.
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